A new day arises, while the city sleeps. Every moment but a fleeting promise. It’s only after we’ve pointed all of our fingers that we find our finger pointed inward at our chest. Responsibility, son. Accept it. Love it.

What I’m learning to appreciate about life is that it presents us with many different situations, quite opposite from another. We can’t accept the highs without the lows. The highs would mean nothing to us if we didn’t know what it felt like to reach a low.

Earlier this week, my iPad was stolen. I never thought those words would be typed by my fingers, as my iPad was essentially an extension of my body. However, it happened. When it finally dawned on me that it was not going to be returned to me – rough, considering I waited 20 minutes for mall management to bring out a turned in iPad that turned out to not be mine – it hit me that I was going to have to accept this situation and swallow it whole. Disappointed? Yes. However, I realized things weren’t going to get any better, unless I decided to approach the situation with positive attitude.

Part of me wants to believe that prayer and fasting could bring it back to me. But, quite honestly, it’s a selfish notion to believe that G-d would pay attention to my prayer to restore a piece of electronics when there are people suffering in the world who also cry out to be saved. We have so much to be thankful for. How many of our prayers are ones of selfish wants, rather than thankfulness and appreciation?

Because everything in life is a gift, I’m doing my best to realize that all situations must be thought of in a positive light. Sure, we may not always like the vegetables on our plate, but I can assure you they will build your character and help you become strong.

I can only pray that I am more responsible in the future with the things I’ve been entrusted with. Yes, the iPad was a bit of a trophy for me, as I purchased it after completing the largest web job fo my life. However, there will be more web jobs, iPads, and opportunities to be stupid in the future. It’s my obligation to do better this time around.



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