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One of the saddest moments for any young man is the moment where he realizes the woman with the golden hair does not exist, nor is She capable of existing through the embodiment of woman. Falling in love with an idea and hoping it exists will only cause despair and undeserved heartache. At the end of the day, we all have a pulse. He hopes she exists, seeing her walk by with a glance of her eye that makes his heart stutter. In that moment, she exists – even if only in his mind. 

I’m discovering many do not wish to obtain success, unless it is handed to them. We only have so many heartbeats granted us. I have spent many of mine hoping it would spark life within another. It hasn’t. Recently, I offered to help a good friend of mine by creating a free website for her mother (who just opened a business) if she would make the effort to set up a meeting with a new mentor who should could use as a graduate school application reference. A few cold calls to ask if somebody wouldn’t mind having their lunch paid for. It didn’t happen.

“Aaron, you’ll find that as you get older, your level of disappointment with others around you will only grow.” A mentor of mine recently told me. sharing with him the story about the friend, he told me of several of his close friends who were happy to work within his company – even rising to levels of senior management – who dropped like flies and stopped pursuing success on the day his company shut down.

I woke up this morning determined my life and success would not be based on my dependence of others, but that I would continue to fight and claw for it; working harder than I have before and asking for no handouts, nor giving the proverbial free lunch to any others.

We are all responsible for crafting and being dutiful to shape our life experience. No body can life your life for you, nor should they.

  • I think that’s true about being disappointed with others…I have found that a lot of people disappoint me. Not because they aren’t striving for what I think is a worthy goal, but because they’re giving less than 100% at what they’re doing at the moment. A drive to be better is great…but I think the place to start is being excellent all the time.

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