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Were this blog to have been written just a few short hours earlier, I can assure you the content would be remarkably different than what I am about to write. It’s incredible to think about the fact that many of us have been only a few short “however” “therefore” and “But, God..” moments away from […]

It’s very easy to find many things worthy of a hearty complaint. In fact, these are the things that often spring to the surface and overshadow all that it is we have to be thankful for. Yet, I’d like to encourage you to take a moment to think about all it is you have to […]

Within the heart of every man is the desire to prove himself to be the great warrior he internally envisions himself to be. The tragedy is that men are no longer able to express or fully realize this inner desire/fantasy within their spirit. In a culture where great battles are fought, not with swords, but […]

Dear Dad, It’s been some time since I’ve written you and I was hoping to change that by taking a few moments to say hullo. While I’m well aware that you do not actually read these letters – and I would be upset if you took time away from Heaven to do so – it […]

There are instances in life where I find inspiration from looking at biblical heroes of the past who faced some of the most difficult situations humanly possible. Some of these individuals suffered countless torture and suffering for the pursuit of their faith. Others endured never-ending temptations and temporary luxuries that sought to distract them from […]

Once upon an average morn An average boy was born for the second time Prone upon the altar there He whispered up the prayer he’d kept hid inside The vision came He saw the odds A hundred little gods on a gilded wheel “These will vie to take your place, but Father, by your grace […]

“A beautiful thing is never perfect.” Dear Friend, It’s been quite some time since I’ve written you. Hopefully all is going well with you in your life. I certainly hope so, anyway. You’ve been on my mind quite a bit these days. Well, that’s not quite putting it properly; you’ve been on my mind for […]

Laboratory rats made Roger a fink And the laws of science drove him to drink Working for the taste of public acclaim And a cure that bore his name Nobel prizes would have been nice But he lost his mind to renegade mice Roger traded dreams of ‘Man of the Year’ For an understanding shrink […]

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