When I was only ten, I learned how to type on a manual typewriter. A-S-D-F...J-K-L-;...since then, I’ve written over 2,000 blogs and enjoy sharing my words with others. 

As a writer, you see the world around you as a story waiting to be told. Every experience acts as an actor for this beautiful story we’re fortunate enough to call “life.” I hope you appreciate my writing as much as I’ve had, living the story. 

Flying Free

Today, I’d like to tell you a story you already know, about a character you’ve met, in a place you’ve been many, many times. A few weeks ago, I was deep in meditation. The meditation was a visualization; taking you from relaxation to visualizing yourself as a bird soaring in.

26 January/Posted by aaronplaat

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Modern schooling has trained us to view our individual progress as a vertical score; A-F at any given time. This mind set is something we tend to carry in other areas of our lives; grading ourselves with semi-permanent ‘scores’ that often pull us down into depression, instead of giving us.

19 January/Posted by aaronplaat

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2015 In Review: Top 10 Changes

With the new year brings a time of resolutions, promises, parties, and reflection on the previous year. Rather than write a long-winded blog about a single topic, I wanted to jot down a few things I did differently in 2015 that contributed to being the best year of my life..

4 January/Posted by aaronplaat

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