When I was only ten, I learned how to type on a manual typewriter. A-S-D-F...J-K-L-;...since then, I’ve written over 2,000 blogs and enjoy sharing my words with others. 

As a writer, you see the world around you as a story waiting to be told. Every experience acts as an actor for this beautiful story we’re fortunate enough to call “life.” I hope you appreciate my writing as much as I’ve had, living the story. 

Round trip

They're a saying "life imitates art" and I have to agree with new depth and appreciation as I've gotten older. As with art, you learn to appreciate the value behind a 'true original' and discover the joy of the 'story' every time you hear a new one. A composer (poorly.

29 July/Posted by aaronplaat

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This is probably the longest I've gone without blogging. Even in the dense forests of Northern Laos, I took time to pen down a few thoughts. The past few weeks/months have been an interesting journey...to say the least. Growing older, I realize the value behind the statement in Alice In Wonderland.

21 July/Posted by aaronplaat

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Red glare

On my last trip to Washington, D.C., we visited one of the Smithsonian museums and walked through the display for the original "Star Spangled Banner" flag. Patriotism has always been an odd subject for me. On one hand, I'm proud and aware of the fact that we enjoy ridiculous amounts.

3 July/Posted by aaronplaat

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