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Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 11.46.41 AMI’ve seen far more people talk about how hard, difficult, and ugly life is, than those who call it beautiful, free, and wonderful. “We die the way we live” is one of my favorite sayings. I believe it to be true.

Given my stay-at-home-hermit-nature I’ve had for several years, I have spent far more time looking back/forward than in living in the moment. Today is about the moment.

My life is beautiful. I am loved. Appreciated. Respected. Cherished. Valued. Cared and provided for. I am frequently approached by new and exciting opportunities, while developing my own work and identity.

There is no better feeling than the knowledge that you are loved and cherished for who you are – not who you will be, or who you were.

I’ve seen several relationships come and go in my life; business, romantic, friendship, spiritual, etc. I’ve learned that when you begin to fall for somebody for who they will/might be – rather than who they are – the the relationship is never one that will last.

“Stop sleeping and start dreaming”

“There are two secrets to success. 1.) Don’t tell everything you know.”

The power is in the present. There’s nothing miraculous about tomorrow or the coming days that will change your outlook or ability to accomplish the things you need to do today. 

A friend of mine in Columbus is somebody who really inspires me. While we went our separate ways for several years, pursuing our own work/projects/lives, I am fortunate to have reconnected with him and watch as he’s grown into a man deserving of respect and admiration. Seeing him transition from bachelor to father, recent-grad to a successful career, etc., has been very encouraging. What strikes me the most about him is that the joy he’s found in his family (wife and son) seems to come from an untapped source of joy that a lot of bachelors will never uncover or discover. The image above was what he received for Father’s day and it provoked me to write this short note.

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