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There’s going to be a night, in the very near future, where I do a one-stop-shop fix for a lot of issues that need to be taken care of. Tonight is not that night.

It’s hard to take a night off when you’re used to constant 24/7 go-go-go action. Sometimes you need to stop and take time to smell the flowers before you’re smelling them from six feet under.

Loudly slurping hot chocolate into a mouth numb from a dental visit, I realize how different it is to experience these things as an adult. Rather than a bowl of soup and free invitation to nap the day away, I’ve been on the phone handling client questions/issues – apologizing for my numbed and awkward sounding voice. No soup for the weary. It’s a hastily-cut pair of avocados, eaten with a spoon, so that I can toss back a pair of Aleve liqui-caps in hopes the sharp pain in my mouth will disappear without stomach aches/vomiting from taking the Aleve on a near-empty stomach.

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things in my lifetime; international sunrises, laughing children, and a firm handshake from a villager in Northern Laos, who freely offered to house me and my friends if we ever decided to return to their village.

That being said, I’ve also seen the darker side of this coin, watching people I once thought to be close friends/brothers/business partners, turn cold and threatening. These people, once seeming to be ethical and upright individuals, transformed into dishonest scum, who I wouldn’t trust to hold a dime, in only a matter of months/weeks.

Good can turn bad. And the bad can turn downright ugly. This is the world we live in if we choose to dwell in it.

I do not.

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