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As I traverse the complicated maze of life, I’ve recently become fairly overwhelmed with a truckload of thought. All of which, of course, desires some sort of attention and/or conclusion. Life has not been pleasant for me. And I have to admit, it is often very difficult to fight the day-to-day battles.

December has historically been a very bad month for me. And this December appears to be no different. No, it’s not the holidays or any outside pressures associated with that. The last three years have left me with difficult battles that have taken place during this cold month. I had hoped this month would be different. It’s not.

Question everything. When I began to question, I began to tear down walls and methods of living life that have previously brought me comfort. No longer. The LORD has been historically proven to reach out to His children in times where their heart cries out the most. What is my heart saying?


I do not even know where to begin. Thanksgiving would be an excellent place to start, as You have given me so much to be thankful for. It is truly an honor to come before Your throne and speak to you. I am full of gratitude for all of the times in life where my heart is nothing more than shattered pieces, as Your hand repairs and puts together that which I’ve broken, or that which has been broken by others. Were I to write a book of Your greatness, all the pages of the world would not be enough to define you. Your faithfulness stretches beyond the comprehension of even the most intelligent of Your created.

Abba Father, I do not have peace during these times. My mind and thoughts are dwelling only on the current circumstances and past dark moments of my life, rather than on your continued method of providing for me and granting me with direction. All I would request is that You would provoke me to remember that You are weathering the storm with me during these times, and that it is You who I must keep my eyes upon in order to do the impossible.

Chisel me, LORD.

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    10 years ago

    December of all times! The irony. Nice picture to go with the blog by the way.

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