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Recently, a good friend of mine stated that it was time for me to begin sowing seeds that would yield fruit. He was speaking of the various items in my proverbial bag that will yield the next season of fruit and hopeful prosperity.

Normally, I’m much better at putting these thoughts into words. There’s a lot on my mind, though. Sometimes I wonder if I appear to be awkwardly out of place in my life situation, as I tend to know all of the right people, many of the right answers, and am gifted at coming up with strategic plans for success. Yet, it seems like all of these talents are used on others, rather than myself. Life will pass you by if you do nothing to prevent it. You have to embrace this fact if you want to avoid its consequences.

Embrace the pain, son. There are few moments quite as liberating as taking full knowledge of just how you feel at a certain time; acknowledging — rather than hiding — your inner fears, joys, frustrations, pleasures, and uncertainties. It’s a roller coaster that I believe is possible to tame.

Sitting here, perched on a ledge in a building on the Oval of Ohio State University, I’m pondering just what is coming up in the next few months. Academically, professionally, financially, relationally, personally, spiritually, and the unity between the Plaat/Hoffman family. One business is developing but I am unsure whether or not it will lead to a full-time occupation once I graduate. Others are being put on back burner.

They say it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Maybe that’s how I feel with my brief stint I’ve had with life. I’ve loved, wholeheartedly, in almost every area that has been placed before me. I’ve also been shot down, screwed over, left behind, and heartbroken on many of these occasions. I’d like to tell myself it does not impact or hurt me. However, that would be a lie to myself. Face your feelings, Aaron Plaat. Get over them. Conquer. Fight. Fight. Fight. You cannot win if you do not fight. New York left me very heartbroken but I am determined to overcome those hideous events. J.B. — you have no idea what you did. Your crime was one of the most heinous you ever could have committed. I pray you find redemption.

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